Software and technology are core to NextThought's culture. After all, we founded the company as a software startup! Our development team is a tight-knit, devoted group of software developers constantly looking for innovative solutions to solve our clients' problems. We're all about shipping high quality software. Our products are built using many open source projects and we understand the importance of participating in the open source community. NextThought developers are active maintainers of, and contributors to, open source software and many of our developers work on open source projects of their own.

NextThought's main development offices are located on the University of Oklahoma's Research Campus, near the National Weather Center, the Tom Love Innovation Hub and the University's supercomputer. Our ties to the University of Oklahoma run deep. Many of us are alumni of the University of Oklahoma's Computer Science department (OUCS) and our proximity to the University allows us to actively mentor student groups and provide internships for OUCS students.

Whether it be through our products, our involvement in open source or our mentoring, we love to share our craft and show off what we do. If you are interested in learning more about development at NextThought be sure to check out our GitHub organization and follow us on Twitter.

About NextThought

Founded in 2011, NextThought offers products and services that enhance online education through engaged learning communities. Our team is one of the most dedicated and talented teams working to move education forward. We do what many work groups do — draw on whiteboards, ask questions, brainstorm, scrutinize ideas, eat lunch together, problem solve, and play practical jokes. We’re resourceful. Who else do you know who builds their own desks? We work hard, eat a lot of snacks, play a little foosball, and even occasionally watch a movie. Above all, we do everything in the name of bringing the best social learning experience to education.