Implementing gevent locks

Previously we talked about gevent's hub and how greenlets switch in and out of it to implement IO. This time, let's talk about how we can use those same primitives, plus the properties that make greenlets greenlets, to implement locks. We'll start by walking through some basics about locks and move on to how locks are used in Python when working with threads. All of that will be background for finally covering how gevent implements greenlet-based locks.

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gevent's hub

The hub is an important part of gevent, but aside from a few sentences in the high-level description of the event loop, and the API documentation, not a lot has been written about the hub, its purpose, or how it does what it does. This post aims to change that and answer questions like:

  • What is the hub?
  • How does the hub run the event loop?
  • How do greenlets do IO? That is, how do they let the event loop run, while letting other greenlets run, and then pick right back up where they blocked?

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